Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK have fallen for the seventh year in a row.

New information from the government shows that greenhouse gases are down because we’re using a lot more renewable (solar, hydro and wind) energy.

Greenhouse gases (gases in Earth’s atmosphere that trap heat) can be harmful to the planet, and scientists say many of the changes to the Earth’s climate are being directly affected by human activity – such as burning oil, and deforestation.

However, with wind farms and solar panels now being used consistently, we’ve got far more renewable energy sources now .

For example, wind power generated almost a fifth of the UK’s electricity in 2019.

A lot of that was down to one of the biggest offshore wind farms in the world, which sits just off the Yorkshire coast.

Last year, the government said it wanted to cut greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050 under a new plan to tackle climate change.

Because of the coronavirus, lots of industries are using less energy, so greenhouse gas emissions might go down even further in 2020.

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