To be a successful ‘rainmaker’ requires having the ability to bring in as much money to a business as possible.

It’s true that not everyone is cut out to be a rainmaker, but do they have special skills?

Were they born salesmen?

Why are some so successful and others not?

There appear to be various issues that are common to rainmakers and which are largely missing in those that could not attain the same levels of success.

The bottom line is that almost anyone can become a rainmaker if they are absolutely committed to doing so, and if they are prepared to remove the issues that stand in the way of realising their rainmaking potential.


Networking; where meeting new people is used as an opportunity to generate work. Speaking in public; the art of appearing confident and clear whether talking to small or large groups, and Pitching; when asking for work or responding to invitations to tender, are all communication skills that help the rainmaker ‘make it rain.’

Communication is absolutely our most powerful and important resource, and a way of ensuring a message is delivered to others with exactly the right tone and meaning.

It’s strange, therefore, to understand that so many of its most valuable aspects go largely unnoticed.

Everyone communicates, but sometimes the spark that’s required to engender further and more interesting conversation just isn’t there.

For example, how often have you been speaking to someone and felt as though they aren’t really listening, or if they are listening, they’re not paying the fullest attention. “Not on the same page” for want of a better phrase.

Your own communication capabilities may be limited by not understanding the ways in which you can improve. In learning how powerful and highly effective modes of communication can become, new opportunities will emerge.

However, it is a personal process which requires the use of resources and to be able to tap into a well of advice.

Person-to-person and group relating strategies can be developed to expand one’s level of communication skills, as well as undertaking processes including rapid speaking, writing, past-based relating analysis and exercises using creative visualisation.

On an individual basis, it’s worth making mental notes of when communication breakdowns are identified.

Being Open to the Advice of Others

The most successful rainmakers are those who are intent on learning and those who do not close their eyes and ears to the advice of others.

Everyone can be coached to one degree or another, and on a variety of issues, but only if they’re willing.

From a personal perspective, it’s important to realise the amount of value one can derive purely if there’s a recognition of what can be achieved by that coaching.

Seek out good advice and avenues from which to expand your learning. You will be more effective in your rainmaking pursuits.

Why? If you’re open to using that advice, there’s every reason to believe that a prospective client will take what you have to say seriously.


If people hold grudges with parents in particular, and with other family members or friends more generally, it compromises the ability to produce breakthroughs; a key component of negotiation in business.

An open mind is always required to make it rain. A closed mind won’t equal a closed deal.

The relationships we have or had with our parents is most often the source of all of our other relationships going forward.

For example, those who have had relationship or integrity issues, will find it difficult to move away from their usual thought patterns when applying themselves to a business setting.

Luckily, there are ways to dramatically turn such problems around.


Ever heard the saying; “The more you give, the more you get back”?

It’s worth dwelling on this point.

Your developmental capabilities can be improved the more active you are, for example in your local community.

The mindset, way of working and dealing with people from all backgrounds helps when it comes to delivering a higher level of service to your clients. You are also potentially exposed to more contacts too.

Taking care of clients is always of critical importance, and service should go far beyond what is expected.

Understanding exactly what this looks like can be found by one’s attitude towards others outside of a business environment.

Compromising One’s Wellbeing

Very simply put, a person who does not act in his or her own best interests at all times cannot be highly effective with others.

There are a wide-ranging number of apathetic traits that would severely limit one’s ability to be a successful rainmaker.

For example; all forms of criminal behaviour, alcoholism, compulsive spending (and associative debt), compulsive gambling, low levels of generosity with others etc.

The above is by no means an extensive list. Any behaviour or trait that would put you in harm’s way is clearly an identifier of your abilities to deal effectively with certain situations.


You’re either a ‘can do’ or ‘can’t do’ individual, and it doesn’t take too much working out to know who will be the more successful rainmaker.

He or she who consistently looks for solutions is most likely to enhance their business development efforts.

Certain circumstances will compromise those efforts of course, but in most cases, there is always a solution.

You must be willing to find it, even if the journey to get there is problematic.


Anyone can be a rainmaker. We all have what it takes.

Confidence in yourself and your way of working is the way forward. Don’t let excuses get in the way of attaining the rewards that you deserve.

If you can free yourself of doubt, there is no shortage of potential clients available.

The work is there and if you’re not getting it, rest assured that your competitors are.

You can, and will, be a success as a rainmaker if you are fully committed.

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