Over the past two decades, gradual shifts have led to an explosion of creative thinking around strategy. Technological disruption, growing economic linkages, and globalisation are challenging traditional approaches to strategy. Today’s entrepreneurs must match their strategies to a broader range of environments their businesses operate in. The frequency and speed with which incumbent positions change are increasing, widening the performance gap between winners and losers even further. Nevertheless, the strategy is more important than ever.



WGP brings 45+ years of professional experience across 6 industries combined with the latest tools and technologies, and an unmatched set of capabilities and talent to help our clients navigate through everyday uncertainty in the business environment. We offer innovative solutions that helped hundreds of companies build and execute winning strategies that directly contributed to the value creation of their business. You can rely on us to lead your company to its full potential, both today and in the future as we will assist you with making key strategic moves. Our tools will effectively analyse the value creation potential of your core business as well as point you towards the new sources of growth.

Areas of Expertise


Corporate Strategy

We use a rigorous, data-driven approach to help companies create major strategic initiatives that focus on value creation through vertical intervention in every business unit.


Business Strategy

Our experts will help you make critical decisions about how to reinvent your core business, identify new sources of growth, and effectively allocate resources.


New Product Development

Our global strategic approach capitalises on the latest technology trends to deliver actionable insights and solutions.



We will identify the right pricing strategy for your business from launching a new product to penetrating a new market.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Our team helps clients understand target customers’ needs, develop compelling offers, and deliver the right message through appropriate channels.

New Market Development

Whether you are considering entering international or domestic markets, WGP will bring value to every step of your strategy process, from market assessment to offer development.

Success Stories


The Next Breakthrough in Smart Contract Audit

Learn about how WGP helped a fast-growing cybersecurity company from South Korea to revamp pricing strategy for its B2B revenue segment and supported its pan-European market entry strategy.

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