London, August 13, 2020 – WGP Global and SMB Centra announced today that they have formalised an agreement for SMB Centra to provide services to WGP Global in all aspects of marketing and SEO 

In an ever-changing digital landscape, having an expert to guide you through algorithm changes and new technologies can give your business the head start it needs to stay ahead of the competition,” Ayush Singh of SMB Centra explained.

As part of our bespoke consultancy service, we will be working alongside WGP Global to offer them tailored advice and recommend the best digital marketing tools and strategies. Our expert opinion on all marketing and digital aspects will ensure that WGP Global will stand out in a digital world with a robust digital marketing strategy.  

Our emphasis will be on delivering a return on WGP Global’s investment by providing our expert insight into current and future digital trends in order to create progressive marketing and communications strategies, whilst also helping them to attract more leads, increase conversions and encourage growth.”  

President and co-founder of WGP Global, specialists in all aspects of business, law and finance, David Orchard, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have SMB Centra on board to help with our marketing and SEO strategies. It is always WGP Global’s intention to build upon our recent success and deliver consistent results for our clients, and in the digital age, that can only be done with the helping hand of the right experts 

“In order to keep ahead of the curve and on top of new and developing digital strategies, it was vital that we onboarded SMB Centra, because in our opinion, in a saturated marketplace they are simply the best in the business.” 


WGP Global was conceived in 2009 to combine the founders’ expertise, experience and networks to create what has grown into the WGP Global of today; a multi-generational practice built on traditional values and integrity, complemented by a progressive, modern approach to doing business in a borderless world. 

The company is represented by a team of Legal, Compliance and Regulatory experts, captains of industry, diplomats, academics and thought-leaders in geopolitics & international affairs across many industries and specialisms. 

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