London, February 16, 2021WGP Global and Colventures LLC announced today that they have formalised an agreement for WGP Global to become the sole Strategic Advisor to the US company.  

Headquartered in Delaware and with extensive operations in Villavicencio, Colombia, Colventures has a management team and a group of US investors who are highly experienced in international business operations and global financial markets. Colventures is focused on the development and export of top-grade CBD and other cannabis derivatives. 

“To take us to the next level, we needed to find strategic advisors that we can trust to deliver on our global vision” said Hernando Diaz, Managing Director of Cannabis operations, Colkannab SAS. “WGP Global were recommended to us as being one of the best in the business, and after speaking with their senior team it was immediately apparent that there was a clear understanding on their part of our sector and of the opportunities for the company in the global marketplace.”

Hernando went on to say “Colventures has a highly-educated and experienced technical team who have registered 699 varieties of cannabis to allow the company to offer a full range of cannabinoids. The proprietary source of the cannabis plants from which oil is extracted is an indication of quality that enhances its value in the market. The CBD oils that Colventures will extract will be derived from our organic cannabis, grown on substrates rich in nutrients, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our adherence to GMP standards guarantees safe products for human and pharmaceutical use.” 

Director and co-founder of WGP Global, David Orchard, said: “We’re obviously delighted that Colventures has appointed WGP Global as its sole strategic advisors.We will be working alongside the team to deliver best in class, tailored advice and a robust strategy to ensure that Colventures is positioned at the forefront of this emerging market.”


WGP Global was conceived in 2009 to combine the founders’ expertise, experience and networks to create what has grown into the WGP Global of today; a multi-generational practice built on traditional values and integrity, complemented by a progressive, modern approach to doing business in a borderless world. 

The company is represented by a team of Legal, Compliance and Regulatory experts, captains of industry, diplomats, academics and thought-leaders in geopolitics & international affairs across many industries and specialisms. 

For more information or to get in touch, go here: hello@wgp.globalPlease also visit WGP Global’s official website:

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