London, January 28, 2022 – We are incredibly excited to announce WGP Global’s new role as Strategic Advisor to VCCESS, a company that is at the edge of innovation and powers WEB3 marketplaces, metaverses, NFTs and Play-to-Earn experiences 🎮

Imagine if Amazon and Epic Games had a baby… that’s VCCESS.

Dil Domine Leonares, Founder & CEO of VCCESS, said that “VCCESS has built the bridge for the mainstream to enter the WEB3 metaverse. We are so excited to work with WGP Global in future projects and build the metaverse together.” 🚀

Christopher Orchard, Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer at WGP Global, said that “VCCESS is the most innovative and exciting project building the right digital infrastructure for metaverse development. VCCESS’ four core pillars: P2E games, Social marketplaces, NFT marketplaces and VR/AR experiences will allow users and content creators the freedom to consume and produce content like never before.

If you want to learn more about VCCESS and their business strategy, access their investment teaser here:


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