London, January 31, 2021 – WGP Global and Mooeve announced today that they have formalised an agreement for WGP Global to become the sole Strategic Advisors to the Spanish company 

Based in Barcelona, Mooeve integrates architecture, art and design to provide an end-to-end service (including a state-of-the-art online sales and bookings platform) to rehabilitate and recover urban buildings to attract travellers who wish to live and work in the cities but do not expect a usual stay at a hotel or apartment.

“Appointing WGP Global as our sole Strategic Advisors was one of the easiest decisions we have made as a company,” Mooeve co-founder, Ricardo Parera, said. “We are an international real estate brand that thinks globally and acts locally, and we like to think of ourselves as a ‘community of restless minds.’ Our business model is based on sustainability. Recycling and renovating instead of building. The use of current urban services vs adding new services to the city. Our mission is to integrate architecture, art, and design to provide attractive financial returns to investors. Having WGP Global on board will ensure that the focus and direction of our business and our corporate strategy will align perfectly as we move forward.”

President and co-founder of WGP Global, specialists in all aspects of business, law and finance, David Orchard, said: “Mooeve appointing WGP Global as their sole strategic advisors is further proof of our outstanding ability to produce the right results for our clients. I am tremendously proud of my staff and delighted that WGP Global have now secured another high-profile client to add to a growing portfolio. We are very much looking forward to working with Ricardo, Elisabet and the team at Mooeve, and delivering a robust, ongoing marketing strategy for them which will stand them in good stead as their business continues to evolve and thrive.” 


WGP Global was conceived in 2009 to combine the founders’ expertise, experience and networks to create what has grown into the WGP Global of today; a multi-generational practice built on traditional values and integrity, complemented by a progressive, modern approach to doing business in a borderless world. 

The company is represented by a team of Legal, Compliance and Regulatory experts, captains of industry, diplomats, academics and thought-leaders in geopolitics & international affairs across many industries and specialisms. 

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