In any type of organisation, the leadership style and alignment of the senior team is critical to the success of the business. Board members need to have a sense of common purpose, focusing their contribution where it is needed most, which requires them to be both operational and strategic. Having talented individuals with the right skills is not enough anymore, people with different backgrounds and technicalities need to learn how to work effectively together. That positive impact of diversity unleashes the team’s creativity and innovation and allows them to arrive at the right solution via collective thinking.



WGP works with the board and executive teams of small and medium enterprises to keep an internal focus on ensuring that every team member has a positive impact on leading the organisation and ensuring business accountability to its main stakeholders. We place a high priority on areas that will yield the greatest return for you and your business, both in the short and long run, including reviewing the executive team’s strategic direction and decision-making process, resolving internal conflicts between individuals and teams, building a new team, developing strategic partnerships, and recruiting suitable non-executive directors for your company.

Areas of Expertise


Board Development

WGP offers a broad range of executive board formation and development strategies that assists business leaders in getting the right individuals with a wide skill set and personal qualities into the correct positions from the start.

NED Recruitment

We have a proven track record in attracting NED talent. Enhance your board by appointing the right people today.

Organisation Design

Deliver better business performance and employee engagement by means of increasing decision velocity, and more effective allocation of your human and financial capital resources.

Success Stories


The Next Breakthrough in Smart Contract Audit

Read about how WGP assembled main, executive, operating, and partnership boards for an emerging high-tech business from South Korea for its pan-European market entry.

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