The capital markets ecosystem is very different now to what it was even just five years ago, so when listing on the LSE, NYSE or Nasdaq, up listing a Reg A+ offering from a junior exchange or considering a traditional IPO, you need a company that’s at the forefront of the space and who understands it better than most.

Never has the scrutiny from boardrooms, executives and institutional investors been more exacting.

It shouldn’t really need to be said, but first impressions remain incredibly important. For example, look at some of the mistakes newly public companies can often make, which will, almost certainly, put off a seasoned investor.

  • Operating, acting and looking, acting like a ‘private company that happens to have a ticker symbol’ rather than a ‘real public company.’
  • The expectation that there will be an extended grace period in order to get used to being an exchange-listed company.
  • Failing to prepare adequately for investor communications, quarterly financial reporting and more.


WGP Global will always exceed investor expectations, both before and after listing.

We will always collaborate tactically and strategically with boards and CEOs, and, because of our wide-ranging and long-term experience in the space, we don’t speculate on whether there’ll be a reaction from institutional investors to your critical decision making.

That is a unique value-driver for our business. A business which specialises in the following services:

  • Ensuring that companies are given a comprehensive sense of how corporate governance is assessed by proxy advisors and institutional investors post-listing, and analysing board composition in so doing.
  • Working on the story conveyance, and optimisation to investors of that message (again, we do not speculate on investor reaction).
  • Website analysis and audit pre-listing, in order to understand how institutional investors perceive the company.
  • Education of boards and CEOs in order that they understand post-listing expectations.
  • Ensuring that trading support post-listing is maximised, as well as minimising dilution and de-mystifying investment banker selections.
  • Looking at professional service providers for the company and ensuring that full and frank feedback is provided.

Reviewing IPO readiness

At the outset, clients must be provided with an IPO readiness assessment.

WGP Global provide these free of charge, and, with focus on financial and accounting aspects, we will assess just how well prepared your company is for a future IPO.

The assessment will be an indicator of what steps need to be taken during a future IPO process and arms your advisors and board with relevant information to ensure these steps are met.

It’s worth understanding from the outset that the preparation involved with an IPO is onerous.

Perhaps an IPO still remains a pipe dream or maybe it’s planned for the near future. Either way, the review will ensure that opportunities have been identified to ease managerial pressure because work can be brought forward, rather than needing to be conducted right near listing day.

Meeting investor requirements and taking advantage of opportunities is something that, in our experience, only those companies that are the most prepared are able to do.

Our report will cover potential obstacles in future, which can therefore quickly be addressed, as well as recommendations and practical insights.

Further, a brief review – which should be tailored to IPOs on most major stock exchanges – must highlight those areas that are deemed to be a priority.

Post IPO: Investor Relations consulting and coaching

Well before your company initiates an IPO, ensure that you start planning a way which can speak directly to your investors, with or without an accompanying media fanfare.

One obvious way of doing this, and which is something that so many companies still overlook, is to have a quarterly earnings process in place internally, and run it exactly as you would once the company has gone public.

In order to successfully navigate the process, there’s a lot of practice involved. It isn’t just a case of adapting what’s already being done and scale things accordingly.

Savvy financial professionals and investors will want a detailed explanation of company performance and financial statements, by way of example, and when communicating your story, this must be considered.

Make sure that the hard yards are put in regarding maintaining market interest in your company. Don’t get carried away with the initial media buzz and excitement surrounding the IPO listing as that won’t always be there.

To that end, WGP Global would suggest that you consider investing in an IRO (Investor Relations Professional) or an agency, which we can help with.

They’ll be familiar with investors, know the industry and will almost certainly be a good fit with your bankers. It will be money well spent and crucial to the company’s continuing success.

He or she will also pad out any stakeholder and media communications, as well as the post-IPO strategy. Be sure that the IRO is confident and capable in building and maintaining key relationships with analysts and others.

This will help them to understand the business, be proactive and plan strategically for the longer term.

Data is your friend. The analysis of recent and historical data, such as investor days, who attended earnings calls or visited the investor relations website and read press releases will absolutely add value.

Both from an investor targeting effort perspective, or to provide potential activist interest with an early start.

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