Preparing a business plan and first-year budget is not an indication that your business is ready to take on outside investment. Even if you are eager for outside investment, there is no guarantee that anyone will be interested in your venture. Plenty of preparation and hard work is required to put your enterprise in a position that interests outsiders. One of the biggest challenges founders face when attracting capital stems from not doing enough research and targeting the wrong type of investor. It is very common that an entrepreneur’s lack of “investor-readiness” prevents businesses from securing funds they desperately need.



We will match your business with investors that are genuinely interested, and are aligned with what your business has to offer. Whether you are raising your series A or series D round, our team of experienced professionals will design a high-quality investor presentation and financial model of your business, setting you apart from competitors. We are dedicated to preparing you to impress any audience, in the boardroom or on stage, to maximise engagement and increase your chances of successful capital raise. Trust is one of the most important aspects of raising capital, so WGP will make sure that your business is investor-ready and get the relationship with potential investors off on the right foot.

Areas of Expertise


Financial Modelling

Our financial models will provide you with key business metrics, allowing you to explore the financial impact of strategic initiatives and support your business plan or investment decision.


Business Model Analysis

An innovative production method, a new type of technology, a distinct cost structure or a new revenue channel do not yet constitute a new business model.



We offer expert advice on how to arrive at a reasonable valuation for your business, preparing businesses which are seeking capital for negotiations.

Pitch Deck Production

A thoroughly designed investor pitch deck that will be presented to the target investors, can make your capital ambitions a reality.

Success Stories


Intelligent E-commerce Chat Automation for an AI-Enabled Future

WGP crafted first-class marketing materials for Series A Round which delivered key messages about the company in a way that was memorable. This resulted in investment from a venture capital fund.

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