A challenge for any business today is to meet, and hopefully exceed, the rising expectations of their clients. 

Clients who are, for all intents and purposes, smarter than ever, and who want something different. 

Anything that brings a smile to a client’s face, making them feel special and valued means that their emotions have been connected with. 

That is the blueprint for further business success. 

Think of how the happiest employees are the ones that will go the extra mile for their companies. The same applies with clients.  

Here are WGP Global’s 7 steps on how to drive clients to work with you, and stay with you… 

Be simple

This begins with your message, and pervades into all areas of your business, including your website, your offerings, your products and much more besides. Keep everything simple and streamlined because time is still a precious commodity. More so than ever now in fact.  

Clients don’t want their time wasted and you will be making their lives easier. 

Be relevant

Ensure that you understand exactly what it is your clients require, and make sure you deliver on it. Each and every time. Solutions should be arrived at in the quickest time possible and with the least amount of hassle. Giving the client what they expect ensures your relevance to them. From a marketing perspective, the relevance comes from making sure the right people see the right message.  

Be inspiring

If your clients are inspired by you, there is, of course, a big possibility that they will continue to be happy to use your services. Inspiration can take many forms, and how your business evokes it is one of the keys to hooking a client and retaining their interest, certainly in the initial stages of the business/client relationship. Innovative business practices are a sure-fire way to bring repeat business too.  

Be authentic

A client will spot a lack of sincerity and authenticity immediately. It’s just about the most important factor in building a business relationship. If you remain honest about your vision and values, and stay true to yourself, the client-business relationship will become a more meaningful one. 

Be personal

There is enough data around today to be able to tailor and shape the way companies engage and interact with their clients. A seemingly more personalised experience as well as the most courteous way of dealing with clients – as people rather than a number – should ensure loyalty to the business.  

Be timely

Gone are the days when clients would leave a telephone message and await a response. In today’s 24/7 business culture, expect to be hounded on the phone, via email and across social channels if a client isn’t getting what they want. 

If responses are quick and personable, clients will believe that they’re being looked after. Messages not returned only end up giving the impression of a company that isn’t attentive and, therefore, can’t be trusted to look after a client’s best interests. 

Be knowledgeable

Business leaders need to empower their staff to be interested in every aspect of their business. Having staff that are knowledgeable in all aspects makes them a huge asset, and it enables employees to create a culture which values a client’s happiness. This lays a foundation on which to be able to deliver for your client every single time. 

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