WGP Global Due Diligence Experts, London

Due diligence is vital to every business, but not every business employs due diligence. The process is investigative in nature and is most often used to highlight important issues and uncover risks. It’s a verifiable way of identifying the threat to a business, whether found in HR related issues, financial, commercial or otherwise. 

The process is also applicable to the

  • signing of contracts
  • making an investment
  • forming partnerships and
  • similar business transactions

It’s important to always bear in mind that a successful business is precisely that because of the due diligence process it will have carried out across the various aspects of the business. 

Indeed, not adhering to some form of due diligence will almost certainly leave your businesses at risk of harm.  

Winning cases can rest on whether due diligence was carried out in the course of business.

For example, if a company’s reputation is damaged or an individual’s life has been put at risk – and it is said that the company didn’t conduct the necessary process – only a fully quantifiable due diligence record will set things straight. 

Having a due diligence process in place is a weight off everyone’s mind and it allows for better decisions to be made. 

Timely and Actionable ‘Due Diligence’ Advice

WGP Global’s expertise in all areas of due diligence ensure that you are always given the best and most appropriate advice. We will not waste your time – or money – by road-testing elements of the process that may not be a best fit.  

Constant dialogue with clients ensures that an informed decision can be made quickly. If the risks are too high, you will be told, and any report that we make will ensure that as much information as is required will be at your fingertips. This also provides a cost-effective solution where needed. 

Legal terms and jargon often overwhelm, but when talking with our Due Diligence team, our clients will be given straight answers to what may sometimes be difficult questions. The mind will be set at ease and we will keep our discussions as jargon free and easy to understand as possible. 

WGP Global’s Due Diligence team and associates also work in multiple jurisdictions when required. We have a huge network of experts to call upon as needed, many of whom have expertise in the Due Diligence process in areas such as China, the Middle East and Europe.  

We are therefore well placed to ensure that all your Due Diligence needs are taken care of, without recourse to other legal experts or outside influences.  

Our trusted advisors will help verify the legitimacy of companies with whom you may wish to undertake business, particularly if these organisations are resident in a country that may be said to be vulnerable to money-laundering schemes, corruption or similar. 

With WGP Global in your corner, you can be assured of the most thorough possible care and attention throughout the working relationship. 

Areas of Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

Tax Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence

Human Resource International Due Diligence

Administrative Due Diligence

Asset Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence

Taxes Due Diligence

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

Customer Due Diligence

Strategic Fit Due Diligence

We Streamline Due Diligence Process 

WGP Global provide extensive due diligence services which will always be tailored to meet the varying needs of each client.

Despite no two clients being the same, they will receive the exact same level of expertise, diligence and industrious work ethic.

Our Due Diligence services include

but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Local enquiries 
  • Registered bad debts 
  • International company records 
  • Property ownership enquiries
  • Location of hidden assets 
  • Professional and educational history 
  • Litigation and pending 
  • General reputational enquiries 
  • Investigation of corporate affiliations 
  • Address verification
  • Marketing audits
  • Ownership of a company (share certificates issued to board members, directors or key stakeholders) 
  • Management structures 
  • Company procedures
  • Legal obligations such as loans 
  • Ongoing litigation, if any 
  • Verification of a foreign business partner or client 
  • Political situations in another country 
  • Local economic landscape
  • Potential risks pertaining to local illegal activity and/or corruption 
  • Other local issues 

Why WGP Global Due Diligence Company in London? 

  • Our Due Diligence team have many years of unrivaled experience and extensive knowledge of the legal landscape 
  • Daily advice as and when necessary, fully contactable always and a commitment to deliver results
  • Our organisational depth ensures that our clients have a Due Diligence team unmatched by other global professional service firms 
  • Long-term relationship building by employing a hands-on approach 
  • Clients will have their own dedicated senior member of the Due Diligence team working with them from start to finish