Social media, mobile applications, the Internet of Things, and other digital technologies have transformed the very nature and scope of traditional business interdependencies. The vast amounts of unstructured data generated unlock tremendous value and dictate how companies should position themselves to extract substantial benefits in just every industry and geographic location. The data has become a strategic asset and digital channels offer better acquisition and delivery mechanisms. Emerging technologies enable faster, easier data analysis and encourage businesses to build digital ecosystems of partners and vendors, fundamentally changing the way businesses compete and operate.



Machine learning. Edge computing. Artificial Intelligence. These are no longer strategic initiatives that companies pursue, they are the ways in which companies conduct their core business activities. WGP pushes clients to propel innovation and accelerate digital information transformation by infusing every project we work on with an integrated set of digital capabilities tailored to your growth strategy. We have experts in digital marketing, lead generation, enterprise technology, process automation, paid media and digital advertising, which ensure that we take a digital-first approach to every engagement.

Areas of Expertise


Digital Marketing

Our services include search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, social media services and web design and development.


Digital Transformation

Improve your business agility with better access and use of information. Increase operational efficiency with streamlined processes and best practice workflows.

Digital PR

We create tailored content marketing and digital PR campaigns that target relevant websites, influencers, online communities and social media networks to spread your content and widen your audience.

New Business Innovation

Our global business network helps to forge mutually beneficial relationships to launch disruptive ventures and collaborate with the right partners to capture new growth opportunities.

Success Stories


Digital Transformation Takes a Sports Technology Company to the Next Level

WGP worked with the business to develop a new corporate structure, digital marketing strategy and ICO bounty campaign to meet digital community demand.

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