Debt Advisors For Debt settlement Strategy

At WGP Global, our renowned debt advisory service offers you, the client, innovative solutions to debt. 

These include, but are not limited to, best-in-class advice on the

Raising and refinancing of debt

Restructuring of debt

Mezzanine debt

Asset-based loans

Convertible and high-yield bonds

Creditors’ relationship management

Working Capital Loans

Acquisition Financing

Taxation risk and opportunity analysis

Syndicated borrowings

Credit rating management

Interest rate hedging

and more. 

It is our professional duty to ensure our service in each of these areas is of the highest quality and that value for money is provided as a matter of course, no matter how complex the solution. WGP Global have long been renowned for Debt Advisory work, and thanks to our many satisfied clients, repeat business and ‘word of mouth’ referrals are the result. 

Our experts have many years of unrivaled experience and extensive knowledge of the debt market, dealing with debt restructuring, including for those clients who are experiencing turbulent periods in business and who require a tailored, seamless solution in an acceptable, if tight, time frame. 

Here at WGP Global we take the stress out of the often-endless search for funding because of the multiple channels of finance we can call upon thanks to our premium track record in this area of business. 

It’s an accepted fact that, for the most part, when a company has a need to try and access capital, their first port of call is their bank. Some are accommodating to such requests; most are not unless your business plan is cast iron and passes muster. 

Some are accommodating to such requests; most are not unless your business plan is cast iron and passes muster. 

It’s important to understand that even if an investment bank is prepared to assist with various debt services, they do so from the standpoint of making money to do so and, as a result, are therefore unable to offer the impartial advice that a client requires. 

WGP Global are completely neutral in this regard. We can always be relied upon to not only offer you impartial advice, but the best advice for your business 

When talking with our team, clients will be given straight answers to what may sometimes be difficult questions. The mind will be set at ease and we will keep our discussions as jargon free and easy to understand as possible. 

A proposal will be prepared that will be individually tailored around the particular strategy that we feel will suit the client’s needs, so it is imperative that we are fully appraised of these from the outset. This will include negotiations on behalf of the client with both current and prospective funding sources. 

At all times, the team will work closely with the client, and a member of the senior management team will always be on hand to talk through any comments a client wishes to make or concerns they may have. The same team that is assigned at the beginning of the process stays through until the debt resolution has been completed satisfactorily.  

WGP Global will also offer to mediate for clients where relationships with funding institutions have become strained or untenable. It is incumbent upon us in this situation to arrive at a solution which is mutually agreeable, and one that avoids further stress and cost. 

The debt market has seen some significant changes over the last few years, and the economic crisis saw many alternative finance providers come to the fore. In turn, that allowed WGP Global to thrive in a more diverse lending environment, ensuring favourable terms for our clients, including, but not limited to, lower amortisation, looser covenant structures and increased leverage. 

WGP Global will not waste your time – and money – heading down blind funding alleyways. The team will quickly navigate what is a dynamic market and determine where funding sources may be available whilst identifying how suitable they are for the reasons required.  

With the information we will have received from you to hand, we will make solid proposals on why certain funding sources will be beneficial to your company, whilst always fully understanding that as a client, you are completely at liberty to choose an alternative. 

Business Debt Advisors For Debt Solutions

Why WGP Global? 

  • Clients will have their own senior and dedicated team from start to finish 
  • Our Debt Advisory team have decades of corporate and financial experience spanning multiple sectors  
  • Thanks to our excellent and long-standing relationships, our ability to secure additional resources is second to none 
  • Management of funding rounds with multiple parties, ensuring the best terms possible
  • Full evaluation of existing loan agreements in place, and advice on the best way forward
  • Related services offered, Financial modelling, valuations and due diligence 

Who are our customers?

  • Fast-growing businesses
  • Lenders 
  • High net worth individuals 
  • Banks 
  • Private investors