For some while now, certain workers (freelancers, those who don’t require a permanent office to work in etc.) have taken advantage of the many coworking spaces that have sprung up.

The flexibility to move around as needed whilst engendering an ‘office type’ atmosphere has become hugely popular with millennials in particular.

But what about coliving?

If you’re someone who travels around a lot, in the digital age having somewhere other than lonely hotel rooms to hang your hat and power up your pc is very welcoming.

Coworking and Coliving differences

Coliving is a relatively new concept and concerns a lifestyle change as opposed to coworking with others.

As long as there is a stable enough internet connection, people migrate to coworking spaces on a daily basis in whichever part of the world they find themselves at a particular moment.

The popularity of coworking is also down to how well maintained most spaces are, both in terms of decor and comfort. The ‘community’ feel that is engendered at these hubs is another reason why they remain so popular.

They are hugely inviting, and that’s precisely the point. After all, who wants to work alone?!

Coliving works in much the same way but with one huge difference.

The space includes living quarters as well as meeting all of a ‘digital nomad’s’ coworking and community needs.

When to choose Coworking or Coliving

All the major cities in Europe and beyond have caught onto the popularity of both coworking and coliving, but when should you be looking to choose one over the other?

Think of coliving as your ‘temporary accommodation.’ It’s ideal as a base for a few months, but any longer and a more permanent residency elsewhere might make more sense.

In the latter scenario, you’ll likely want to get to see the neighbourhood whilst meeting others in a coworking space.

The community aspect of coliving can’t be overstated either.

If you happen to find a coliving space where the community isn’t that big too, you can quickly integrate yourself, thereby engendering a sense of comfort and familiarity – essential when wanting to work efficiently.

If your time is precious, finding the right coworking space as well as somewhere to live becomes a bind.

Coliving kills those two birds with one stone.

How to find the right Coliving space?

When looking for a coliving space for your lifestyle, understand exactly what is on offer.

Ask yourself if you really want to be living in a space where some inhabitants appear to be there for a holiday, or if it’s populated by like-minded workers.

The experience of the same is likely to be vastly different.

Also, be very aware that certain coworking or coliving spaces only target a more local market.

If you are a digital nomad, you should be surrounding yourself with those of a similar ilk. The locals won’t be a problem if you’re comfortable with the language, but it severely hampers your ability to socialise and integrate if you’re not.

Moreover, local people are likely to be staying in coliving spaces longer term and using the space more like a house share.

Given that the whole premise of coliving and coworking is about the community aspect, ideally you need to find somewhere that allows bonding over dinners/drinks or events.

Take the time to attend these, in order to build lasting relationships and to further enhance the enjoyment of coliving – particularly if you’re travelling alone.

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