An innovative sports technology company from Turkey was looking to explore alternative methods of raising capital. The company understood that alternative ways of raising capital, such as ICO present significant opportunities to companies and business based on how they capture and nurture digital communities. WGP advised on developing a utility token structure which a truly seamless customer experience at every touchpoint within the business ecosystem, and choose ERC-20 token format for the creation, issuance, and management of fungible tokens on Ethereum blockchain.



  • The business was not investor-ready
  • Lack of financial planning
  • Poor corporate structure
  • Misunderstanding of the potential market
  • The management was misaligned
  • Lack of capital for growth
  • Unclear go-to-market strategy for initial launch



WGP and the client team collaborated throughout the project, working initially to define the company’s digital marketing strategy and ICO roadmap. Next, the groups identified key questions to produce thorough analyses of the competitive landscape and recent successful ICO campaigns.

Those analyses yielded insights that helped focus the agenda on three distinct channels of digital marketing: TelegramReddit and Airdrop bounty campaigns to promote the business amongst early adopters of the technology. Finally, the teams identified the enablers, such as capabilities, tools and resources, which would allow the company to achieve its vision in the digital technology space.

WGP chose Switzerland as the ICO jurisdiction for its balanced approach of handling innovative projects which allows driven and cutting-edge entrepreneurs to navigate the regulatory landscape and launch their projects in a way consistent with local laws protecting investors and the integrity of the global financial system.

When the company sought to take advantage of disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, they had many isolated initiatives (such as software and business development) underway but lacked traction in any of them. The company also lacked a cohesive vision that promoted collaboration between digital and the traditional corporate structure.

Our team recommended a number of key actions to help the business meet the digital challenges and harness the requisite opportunities: increase the number of resources dedicated to digital marketing, creating a Chief Digital Marketing Officer who reports directly to the CEO; focus on digital channels to interact with consumers and digital community members, including websites, social networks and apps to identify KPIs and inform progress.



  • Strategic Alignment Report
  • Corporate Structure with IP Protection
  • White Paper Writing
  • ICO Campaign Structure
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Dynamic Financial Model
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Effective Go-to-Market Strategy Developed
  • Investor Roadshow
  • Strategic Business Development



  • A fully compliant ICO legal structure established in Switzerland
  • 2 strategic partnerships established with digital marketing agencies


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