An early-stage cybersecurity business from South Korea developed a unique protocol used to identify vulnerabilities and bugs within smart contracts by re-interpreting various programming languages at multiple layers. WGP designed a bespoke tiered pricing strategy for the B2B segment of the business, in order to make it stand out from the competition, and also recruited a full corporate advisory panel, non-executive directors and all professional advisors.



  • The company developed its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and was seeking capital for their growth ambitions, but they were not investor-ready as they didn’t have their business or intellectual property valued.
  • There wasn’t an effective corporate structure, proper financial planning or a clear go-to-market strategy.
  • The investor deck was written in technical language and could not be easily understood.
  • The core management team underestimated the real power of LinkedIn for business (the top-rated social network for lead generation) and therefore didn’t make use of the ability to tap into existing connections and grow their brand through word-of-mouth.



WGP conducted a two-day ‘Murder Room’ strategy session to analyse the business, its needs and pain points, and the competitive environment they were operating in.

This systematic approach included gathering data on past fund-raising transactions in the sector, current industry trends, drivers of growth and potential risks.

WGP demonstrated a more effective approach in choosing a corporate structure that worked without major conflicts and could be more efficient, team-oriented and synergistic.

The company was eager for outside investment so WGP made certain that the company’s investor presentation was polished in terms of having simple and understandable content and aesthetics. WGP Global prepared a robust professional business map with the correct supporting documentation, including the financial model of the business.

WGP convinced the founders that they needed to arrive at a reasonable valuation of their business, and this was achieved by building a two-stage DCF financial model relying on current industry data and making use of funds sought, which was more transparent to the potential investors.

The elevated valuations of businesses in the tech sector and the reasons behind the recent IPO crash of WeWork were also pointed out.

Having crafted first-class marketing materials, WGP conducted a series of pitch coaching sessions which were focused on getting the story straight as well as delivering key messages about the company in a way that was memorable. WGP also devised suitable questions, which tested the ability of the company’s founders to deal with sophisticated investors or Q&As.



  • Effective Corporate Structure Designed
  • Robust Corporate Strategy Developed
  • Dynamic Financial Model Built
  • Pricing Model Created
  • Bespoke Investor Materials Crafted
  • Clear Go-to-Market Strategy Developed
  • Effective PR Campaign Launched
  • Investor Roadshow
  • Business Valuation
  • Independent IP Structuring and Valuation
  • Appointment of Non-Executive Directors
  • Strategic Partners from North America and India Brought in



  • Currently roadshowing



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