A cutting-edge e-commerce AI-powered communication business from the USA developed AI chatbot assistants that greatly helped businesses in the e-commerce industry succeed in maximising every sale. WGP sought to help the business develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and to create a seamless customer experience with an improved operating model that integrated its digital and mobile channels.



  • The product-market fit was absent
  • No formal strategy for product marketing and initial launch
  • Management was misaligned
  • Poor organisational design
  • No IP Protection
  • No IP Strategy
  • Lack of customer understanding



WGP worked with the management team during a three-day strategic alignment session to assess the business, its stakeholders, and the competitive environment they were operating in.

Recognising the evolution of conversational AI and the rising use of mobile platforms, the management team sought support from WGP Global in developing its omnichannel marketing strategy.

An effective omnichannel strategy presents a business with a significant opportunity to engage with an ever-evolving customer base. The emergence of the digital world is creating wholly new sources of value, and the management team recognised it and the need for the right strategy to succeed in this environment.

With WGP’s help, the company developed an integrated omnichannel strategy that ensured they could meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, contributing to a two-fold increase in revenue in less than one year.

Compounding matters, the company lacked any solid product and pricing strategy which created a varied customer experience across channels, with disjointed back-end operations and pricing inconsistencies. WGP helped to mitigate this.

In an effort to increase the number of customers and promote brand awareness, our team determined the business’s key points of differentiation on their competitive advantages, such as their unique technology, speed of deployment and scalability.  WGP worked to create a holistic strategy for product and market, developing a number of key recommendations.



  • Strategic Alignment Report
  • Corporate Structure with IP Protection
  • Complete Rewrite of White Paper
  • Product and Pricing Matrix Developed
  • Complete Financial Planning
  • Investor Marketing Materials for Series A Funding Round
  • Effective Go-to-Market Strategy Developed
  • IR and PR Strategies Developed
  • Investor Roadshow
  • Appointment of Non-Executive Directors
  • Strategic Business Development
  • First Retail Partnerships



  • 2 strategic partnerships established
  • 7 corporate seed clients engaged
  • An investment from a venture capital fund


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