WGP Global appointed as Strategic Advisors to ENABLE

WGP Global appointed as Strategic Advisors to ENABLE

London, July 31, 2021 – WGP Global and Enable have announced their formal agreement for WGP Global to become the sole Strategic Advisor to the U.K. 3D printing company. 

Headquartered in Leicester, U.K., ENABLE is a world leader in Additive Casting™ and the leaders of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Their buy-build model focuses on consolidating the highly fragmented Additive Manufacturing and Traditional Manufacturing supply chains to offer efficient, high-quality, and localised parts to clients.


As noted by David Orchard, Founder of WGP Global; “The Enable team brings deep technical knowledge together with elite leadership credentials as well as a vision and flair for innovation, which we so rarely see combined under one roof in such an early-stage business. The timing of this proposition is ideal. Global supply-chain issues delay the process of product development for clients. Enable’s principal target customers, such as those in the EV sector, are in increasingly desperate need of immediate, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions to provide the components they need to keep ahead of their competition. Enable has provided this solution for these customers. Enable has a unique value proposition, as well as immediate and unlimited growth potential. In addition, its measured, realistic “buy and build” strategy will, in our view, augment its capacity to leave its competitors in its wake.

“Appointing WGP is an important step for Enable, together we are building a game-changing business.”

 Annette Lacey, Financial Director at ENABLE, noted.

The Sales Director at ENABLE, Phil Kilburn, states “We are excited to be working with WGP, their external viewpoint helps to challenge our strategy and deliver an even more robust business.”

As advisors to the Board WGP fill an important gap in Enable’s strategic prowess.”

 James Reeves, Founder of Enable points out.

If you want to learn more about the ENABLE and their business strategy, access their investor materials here.

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