Carmen Van Der Merwe Joins WGP Global As Associate

Carmen Van Der Merwe Joins WGP Global As Associate

London, June 4, 2021 – WGP Global, specialists in all aspects of business, law and finance have hired industry heavyweight, Carmen Van Der Merwe, as Associate, with focus on Research and Investment analysis. 

She has previously been involved in a number of highly successful projects, and obtained her Master of Commerce in Economics from Stellenbosch University. She has a particular interest in Financial and Environmental Economics, with 2 years’ experience working at a boutique economic consultancy firm. Carmen is also well-versed with statistical analysis, reporting and coding in R, STATA and Eviews. 

“I am delighted to be joining the WGP team as a Research and Investment Analyst,” Van Der Merwe noted. “WGP’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to business development had initially sparked my interest in joining the team. One of WGP’s many admirable features; of providing clients with diverse expertise, has made me eager to bring my background in Economics to the table. I look forward to working alongside colleagues and clients and seeing what the future prospects are.” 

President and co-founder of WGP Global, David Orchard, said: “When we knew Carmen might be available, we had to move quickly, and to that end, we are understandably delighted to welcome her to WGP. Her track record, expertise, attention to detail and consistent delivery of project on time and on budget is second to none. We believe she will be a huge asset for us and for our clients.” 


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