Who is a rainmaker?

Who is a rainmaker?

The most common definition would be applied to a person who has the business nous, know-how and charisma to continuously bring in money to an organisation.

Sounds simple and straightforward? It isn’t.

The very best rainmakers are driven by a desire for making money, investments and sales on a daily basis. They work passionately, consistently and with the dedication to oil the wheels and ensure that a steady stream of clients, old and new, are engaged and happy.

None can ever be considered an overnight success either, for a very particular set of skills will need to have been developed.

All relationships are built on trust in the first instance, with longer-term business relationships sustained by the ability to deliver on promises time after time after time.

WGP Global’s David Orchard, a Corporate Advisory titan with over 25 years experience in international regulation, commercial litigation and arbitration, fund structures and advising clients with operations across multiple jurisdictions, is not just a rainmaker but a difference-maker.

At the core of his modus operandi is a genuine, passionate interest in his clients and a desire to make them a success.

The most underrated facet of a rainmaker’s armour is the human touch, and that is what underpins David’s way of working.

By taking the time to listen to and understand a client as well as his/her business model, before introducing necessary advice and corporate planning, David instantly gains their respect and trust.

A keen interest in, and passion for, strategic, corporate business development is a must for the successful rainmaker too.

It’s a simple and effective way of gaining corporate traction in a competitive marketplace, and gone are the days when ‘word of mouth’ was considered to be the recommended route for gaining new business.

Along with Christopher Orchard, WGP’s Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, David provides hands-on support and industry-specific expertise.

Both will quickly review and identify the key objectives of a business, evaluating its investment needs, before delivering a robust business plan to include the securing of smart capital for growth or restructuring.

The ability to fully engage with their clients on a wide range of issues, ensuring the right results each and every time and whilst providing massive value for money, is what makes WGP Global unique.