What's about legalisation?

What's about legalisation?

All that matters to us is when we will finally receive the alternative medications we need, such as psychedelic drugs or medicinal cannabis.

Good news! There’re some updates:
Germany has made the announcement that they plan to decriminalise and legalise marijuana by 2024, both for medical and recreational purposes. Following the legalisation of marijuana in various US states, the government made the decision to drain the black market to control the market and taxation.

Moreover, by having twice as many residents as Canada, Germany will overtake it as the largest country with legalised marijuana.

Likewise, there are some updates from the other side of the continent.
Since June, Thailand has permitted its citizens to cultivate, harvest, and possess marijuana after removing it off its list of prohibited drugs. Therefore, the government intends to expand agriculture through the trade of cannabis.

As we all recall, Thailand was the first Asian nation to legalise medicinal marijuana in 2018 and is still the most progressive one today.