What I learned during my internship at WGP Global

What I learned during my internship at WGP Global

WGP Global is providing an opportunity for the students and graduates from all around the world to join our experienced team in London. We are happy to share some practical experience and get the interns involved into our projects, so that they can apply and improve their skills and knowledge in the real-life work environment. This blog is a written feedback from one of our alumni. To watch a video from our alumni press HERE!

The past eight weeks I was part of the team at WGP, and I learned a lot. This was definitely not the internship where my main task would be to get my superiors their morning coffee, and then sit around all day. No, from day one I was put to work, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Throughout the summer I wrote several blogposts on various topics such as vertical farming, emerging technologies and business. I tried to make these easy to digest, while including as much information as possible. This is a trend I saw throughout my internship, as clear communication appeared to be key, both internal and external.

My blogposts on vertical farming were especially interesting to write, as I did a lot of market research on that. This market research tested my primary research skills, and made me discover opportunities and market gaps in the sector. After we published my report, my main goal was to contact companies that were interested in collaborating with us, and the interest was great. I was setting up and attending meetings, and reviewing investment decks and financial models.

My work didn’t stop at the office, as I attended some networking events as well. This made me think critically about what WGP is all about, and then pitch that to the people I met. I honestly loved attending networking events in London, as they are very relaxed, and the people you meet have such diverse backgrounds.

My final task was to write some blogs on financial modelling to learn more about the requirements for a financial model, after which I put my knowledge to the test and built one myself, to value a subscription based program WGP offers for start-ups and smaller businesses.