WGP at Work

WGP at Work

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing David and Christopher Orchard for 20 years and working with them for a good portion of that period.

They have always had a genuine interest in their clients and there is a warmth to their approach which is rarely found in the business.

It’s precisely that unforced personal touch, and an innate understanding of people which puts clients immediately at their ease, and in this digital age, such courtesy isn’t always forthcoming.

I’ve personally witnessed first hand how much clients appreciate it, and it always makes for a collaborative, trustworthy and successful relationship.

Indeed, collaboration with clients is key and expected, and advice is given responsibly and via a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen fields.

Both David and Christopher pride themselves on the satisfactory delivery of results to their clients and that often requires a ‘whatever it takes’ approach.

Time is never wasted. Clients not only feel looked after, but are therefore getting value for money too, and both are diligent, focused and tenacious in their work in order to achieve the right outcome.

A well-worn cliché it may be, but their doors (and their lines of communication) really are always open, but it must be a two-way street.

‘Office hours’ isn’t really a term that applies to WGP Global, and clients have always appreciated that both David and Christopher operate well outside of the 9-5 norm.

Brilliant at what they do, WGP are a decent, hard-working team full of good people, and their values always underpin the work that they carry out.