Top 3 YouTube Channels about Psychedelics

Top 3 YouTube Channels about Psychedelics

1. The Quentin Experiment

Source: 'TheQuentinExperiment' Youtube Channel

I'm sure you guessed what the channel was from the title!

Quentin, the man's name, is a biochemist who does his own studies on psychedelics and cannabis. By science and common sense, he describes his first experience with 5-MeO-DMT or what happened to him when he used marijuana on a regular basis, what you should know before your first trip on LSD, and how to avoid bad trips on magic mushrooms.
Overall, he does these experiments to help those who are uncertain about using psychedelics on a daily basis or simply to experiment - this channel is a treasure!

2. Drugslab

The finest informative YouTube channel about psychedelics and other substances so far.
The three main stars of the channel are from the Netherlands; therefore, they understand how crucial it is to illustrate and explain how everything works rather than simply ignoring.
On each video, they test the drug that their subscriptions asked them to try, and then our heroes describe their experiences and sensations from a scientific standpoint during the video.
Again, the finest channel for anyone who is terrified of or unaware of how drugs function on the human body.


 3. The Drug Classroom

Source: 'TheDrugClassroom' Youtube Channel.

This one is for genuine chemists and scientists who are more interested in substance theory than practise - which is understandable given that psychedelics usually react individually on each organism.

There are numerous clips covering practically every psychedelic, including its history, pharmacology, and safety, as well as the mental impact on the brain.
Perfect for people who don't want to try yet are curious about what it is.