We are seeing that there is more environmental pressure on farming techniques, including governmental policies that suppress optimal global yield and trade flows, as well as increasing competition in food and agricultural markets. It is a crucial but often ignored dimension of food security and is a key factor in determining the impact and effectiveness of government policies aimed at promoting food security. With global demand meaning that there is likely to be a 50%+ increase in production of major agricultural crops over the next 40 years, the most successful companies will be those that have integrated across multiple segments of the supply chain. Greater yield is critical to meeting an ever-increasing demand, as there are limited sources of land available, and western economies such as Canada, Brazil and the United States are becoming even more important exporters to the rest of the world.

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WGP keep abreast of any opportunities across agriculture sectors, including crop production, biofuels, agricultural chemicals, forestry, livestock and agriculture equipment. Our holistic approach focuses on practical, immediate steps that will help you define your future rather than run from it. Any potential pitfalls will be safely navigated and sustainable growth is therefore assured. We will transform your business – from supply chain to procurement – to unlock the growth and reduce your costs whilst devising a bomb-proof future strategy.

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